Lifesize Icon 400 Data Points

Discussion created by dmorrison on Mar 18, 2015

We've had a few questions from partners on the capabilities of Lifesize Icon 400 so I wanted to clarify a few items.


  • Lifesize Icon 400 ships with the original Lifesize Icon remote control (not the new Icon Flex remote control)
  • Lifesize Icon 400 supports only one Lifesize Link enabled device. This is the Phone or the MicPod. It will not support two MicPods or a MicPod attached to the Phone. If customers require this configuration they are likely in a room larger than the Icon 400 was intended (see next point:). If an additional MicPod is plugged in users will experience this behavior: MicPod will flash red (mute button) continuously. This will not affect the audio pickup on the primary device.
  • Lifesize Icon 400 was designed for small meeting and huddle rooms. The video and audio capabilities are designed for this environment. Do not position Icon 400 into larger meeting rooms. The proper product in these spaces are the Icon 600 and Icon 800 with Camera 10x.
  • Lifesize Icon 400 supports only one display output. This can be any size HDMI-enabled display.
  • There are no microphones embedded in the Icon 400. This was a design decision due to the fan element and the camera mechanical Pan/Tilt causing interference with the microphones. Customers can deploy Phone or MicPod.
  • Last, Lifesize Icon 400 does not support 3rd party audio devices (input or output). Again, these requirements are best suited for Icon 600 and Icon 800.


Hope this helps. See the latest Icon 400 data sheet (attached).