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Trouble with UVC3.0 in multihoming deployment

Question asked by henrikr Partner on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by mburkett


I have some trouble with UVC 3.0 VM version which I deployed first internally with only one interface to the LAN and then I tried to extend to a two legs version.

First I detect that the ova file is in version 7 - so I have to upgrade the VM file version to 10 to support more than 8 vCPU.

Second I detect that the 3.0.0 ova file is provided only with one vm_eth type E1000.

To extend my UVC 3.0 to a two legs version I added a secondary vm_eth manually.

After this the trouble beginn.

First I got no ping to the LAN IP or access anymore by the GUI.

I reassign a external WAN IP for eth0 via VM console command network set static eth0...

Then I was able to access the UVC Platform GUI only if I swap the eth switch port within VMSphere.

UVC 3.0 seems to be behave other than UVC 1.x.x

I was not able to reassign any correct working internal or external IP.

Also if I do a reset-platform reset-all.


What is the best practice recommendation for multihoming VM UVC deployment by lifesize?

LAN or WAN to initial eth0 config?


please correct following:

1st - set initial LAN eth0

2nd - add eth in VM setting

3rd - set WAN IP for eth1 via GUI

4th - set new Gateway IP to WAN via GUI

5th - set internal routes via GUI