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Cloud services not available in all regios

Question asked by pnobels on Apr 1, 2015
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i'm currently evaluating migrating from an on premise Polycom setup to a Lifesize Cloud solution. 


1. I however do remark some very small sized letters saying :


"Not all cloud video conferencing services may be available in all regions"


Is there any elaboration on what this exactly means?  I work for an international company having lots of sites and offices in all kind of different countries.  Basically we currently videoconf where there is internet available.


2. From the documentation, i notice there is basically only one registered user necessary to dial into a virtual (cloud) meetingroom.  This one registered person could in theory invite 24 'non-registered' others?  Is this correct?


3. How is the cloud pricing sized?  A calculation could be 'you have a company of 4000 people, so you're charged for 4000 people'.  The other way would ofcourse be 'you currently need only 100 people to be able to videoconf, so you only pay for 100'.