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Saving H.323 address with room passwords on Icon 600

Question asked by akisielis Partner on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by gman

Dos some one know if Icon 600 can save H.323 addresses to local address book with MCU's virtual room password included in the dialling address, such as MCU_IP##room_nr**room_pwd (or room_nr:room_pwd@MCU_IP  or  MCU_IP##room_nr:room_pwd)?

All three address formats seem to work fine when manually entered to address field, but Icon 600 does not seem to save them to its directory together with the password. The calls history also shows the dialler entries without the password.

Dos some one know if it is this a security feature that can be disabled, so that passwords are also saved, to make dialling to MCU and using the system easier?