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Valid SSL certificate for ClearSea

Question asked by jtagtow Partner on Apr 3, 2015
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A client of ours recently underwent a security audit which showed that there was not a valid SSL cert for the Clearsea server which has port 443 exposed from the DMZ to the world.  Client is running the latest version 3.0.0 and has two separate physical appliances.  One server is only running Clearsea and the other Multipoint, Manager and Video Center.  Upon talking with LS Support I was informed that the SSL cert that we purchased to fix the issue is not valid for Clearsea.  Tech said that Clearsea was to only use the Mirial certificate that was installed on the server.  Typically when exposing 443 to the public you are allowed to install a valid certificate to show validity?  Wondering if I am missing something in the config or if anyone else has had this experience.  The tech said this was how it had to be and I should reach out to the Community or Developers for additional insight.  Thank you.