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Maximum voice-only Participants restriction on Room220 with ISDN Networker

Question asked by fkettel Expert on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by dmorrison

Hi everyone,


since i couldn't find any explicit information if there might be a limitation on maximum voice-only participants in a call on a Room220 system, i hope to get an answer here.


A customer of us encounters the problem, that two voice participants (deskphone, mobile, whatever) can dial into his room 220 system via an isdn networker (4 BRI lines connected), but a third caller will be terminated and not connected to the call.


we have tested some call scenarios but the result was always the same.


the room 220 has a 8-way multipoint included, wich works flawlessly for ip calls.


so, if anyone knows, if there is a restriction on the room or the networker, i would be very happy to get this information.


thanks and best regards from hamburg, germany!