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Avaya Interop with CSS paired Icon

Question asked by blandin Employee on Apr 15, 2015

Has anyone encountered issues with one way audio, or brief audio, followed by no audio from external callers when Icon 600 is registered to CSS?  I'm working with a customer integration where all internal calls to registered endpoints works as expected, but anything dialing out through the PBX will fail in the following way:


1. Call connects. 

2. Brief audio like static or one word is heard. 

3. Receive bandwidth is 0kbps, but audio codec appears to be negotiated.


This looks like a network issue at first glance, but as we're not receiving packets after the first second, it is harder to capture useful data. We need more visibility on the Avaya side and are working with the customer to see what kind of logging we can get.


**Icon 600 in standalone mode works as expected, so this issue only occurs with CSS integration***


On the tcpdump and syslog, we note that packets are received for  ~ 1 second and then stop being received.


If anyone has any documentation, tips, or gotchas to share, please do so.


Thank you!