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Methods for updating ICON 600?

Question asked by bgg Partner on Apr 21, 2015
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I'm planning for an upgrade at a customer site, where their "UVC Bundle large" is beeing updated to UVC Platform 3.0. As the customer has various firmware versions on their ICON 600's, I'm investigating my options regarding how to update them.


The customer has a 100% Clearsea integrated on-premise solution, with ICON firmwares ranging from 1.3.2 to 2.2.

I'm pretty sure that the "Automatic Software Update" functionality added in Clearsea won't be usable for ICON systems with older firmware (eg 1.3.2), if anyone can confirm this - please do.


Update methods I know and have tried in the past

1. Updating using a web browser (non-wanted method since it's too time consuming)

2. Using UVC Manager and pushing new firmware using a schedule (not usable in this customer environment)

3. Joining Lifesize Cloud and getting updates automatically (not usable at this customer)


Methods I've read about but not tried yet

4. Upgrading UVC Platform to 3.0 and using the Clearsea functionality for Automatic Software Updates.


   a) What is the minimum firmware version required on the ICON 600 to be able to take advantage of this feature?


   b) I assume it's a requirement that the ICON 600 operates in the "Clearsea integrated" mode towards the server providing the updates, correct?


Unknown/other methods

5. SSH. Is there a way to update the firmware using SSH. If yes, how?

6. Any other undocumented method. Is there one? If so, please provide details. Anything that is at least semi-automatic would be helpful here.