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Lifesize Video not starting when Lifesize Cloud is running

Question asked by sdemets Partner on Apr 17, 2015
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I've just installed a fresh UVC 3.0 on our 1150's in our datacenter and I'm really happy about all the new features. It went very smoothly as I was already running 1.4 and all the firewall and networking stuff was already figured out.

I'm running ClearSea on one appliance and Multipoint, Video Center and Manager on the other. Everything is running perfectly.


We also have a Lifesize Cloud 25 and I run the Lifesize ClearSea and Cloud clients parallel on my laptop. I've installed the new Lifesize Video client (for UVC 3.0) and now I can't run the Cloud and Infrastructure clients parallel anymore...


Is there a solution for this or will I need to run one client on one device and the other client on another device? Both our Cloud and Infrastructure are use by our sales people for demonstration purposes and I need to have both clients active in case they want to contact me for some more technical explanations to their prospects/clients.


Thanks for any advice.