UVC Platform 1.4.4 now available

Discussion created by dmorrison on Apr 17, 2015
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If anyone missed the announcement that Lifesize UVC Platform 1.4.4 is now available I wanted to reiterate this here but also add some comments to help those upgrading to Lifesize UVC Platform 3.0.


The important point below is to download both these releases below even if you had previously downloaded PLT 3.0.0 (28) when upgrading to Platform 3.0.  Details below.


1. PLT 1.4.4 (8)



With the posting of UVC Platform 1.4.4 to the software download site, we have removed the links to the following Platform versions:

  • 1.4.1
  • 1.4.2
  • 1.4.3

Any attempt to download these versions will give the customer a message to upgrade to PLT 1.4.4.  Release Notes links will remain available on this site.



If your Platform is on 1.4.0 you can go directly to 1.4.4


2. PLT 3.0.0 (28)



With Thursday's release of UVC Platform 1.4.4 we have re-posted UVC Platform 3.0.0 (28) v2 as well.


This new 3.0 release has the same build number as the previous build. The only change is to the wrapper where it will verify the current Platform is on PLT 1.4.4 versus PLT 1.4.3.


We did not change the build version because any attempt to upgrade from build 28 to build 29, for instance, would lead to a bigger problem with a second attempt to upgrade the operating system from Ubuntu 10 to 12. So if you have already upgraded to Platform 3.0.0 this message is not for you.



For customer that have not upgraded to Platform 3.0.0 and waited until Platform 1.4.4 was available please download this latest version of Platform 3.0. To verify which file version you currently have look at the file name. You will need to use the new version (_28_2.tar.bz2) in the upgrade process.



Older version: 

Verifies PLT 1.4.3 on current platform.


File name: LS_UVC_PLT1_3.0.0_28.tar.bz2



New version:

Verifies PLT 1.4.4 on current platform.


File name: LS_UVC_PLT1_3.0.0_28_2.tar.bz2