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UVC3300 - Issue upgrading from UVC 1.4.3 to UVC 3.0

Question asked by Partner on Apr 17, 2015

Has anyone experienced an issue when upgrading a UVC 3300 from UVC 1.4.3 to UVC 3.0 where it simply stops responding.  All IP addresses allocated to the UVC Platform stops responding.


I tried to upgrade our UVC platform on UVC 3300 from UVC 1.4.3 to UVC 3.0.  It has been almost 3 hours and all it states on the interface is "The software update is in progress.  Do not reload the page".  When trying to ping one of the IP's allocated to the applications I get no response.


Is there a known issue when upgrading the UVC Platfrom on a UVC 33xx appliance from 1.4.3 to 3.0.


I've only now seen the new software for UVC Platform 1.4.4.