Adjusting you Icon Flex Anti-Flicker to 50Hz

Discussion created by dmorrison on Apr 22, 2015

We've had a few questions on how to change the Icon Flex Anti-Flicker option from 60Hz default to 50Hz where applicable.


Our long term solution is to expose the camera settings through the WebUI *** currently available with Icon 400/600/800. This will not be available though until we support Lifesize Phone with Icon Flex.


In the meantime, we do have a solution. Please contact Support for assistance. They will provide a new firmware version and file that will change the frequency from 60Hz to 50Hz. Testing in our lab, as well as several partners, shows this fix works.


Also, we are working on a simpler method to determine which of these two environments your Icon Flex is operating and automatically change the frequency. This would come as a feature in a new firmware version available to everyone. Please note, this can be problematic though depending on a couple of factors including whether your PC is plugged in or operating on battery power. In the meantime, contact Support for immediate assistance.