Video Center 2200 Root Drive Faulty

Discussion created by pkanalas on Apr 22, 2015

I hope someone can help with this. We had a B drive failure on our (originally) Video Center 2200 (now UVC platform) appliance. We just replaced the drive today with one specified by LifeSize as a replacement and we're getting a Root Device Faulty message. The Boot Device and Swap Device listing are coming up "Ok" after the RAID synchronization, but not the Root Device. The primary drive, A, is still listed as OK for all three. Any ideas? Could we just have a bad "new" drive or is there something else going on? Our AMS has expired on this unit so we can't send it in for repair.


We're on UVC firmware 1.2.1

Original drive ST31000340NS

New drive ST1000NM0033