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Intermittent problems detecting video call resolution (0x0 pixels received on Bridge 2200)

Question asked by bgg Partner on Apr 23, 2015
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I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar problem, and if so - how did you solve it.




A customer has 7-8 video systems, all behind a firewall with static 1-to-1 NAT towards Internet.

When they call a Bridge 2200 one of the systems sometimes are detected as sending a resolution of 0x0 pixels to the Bridge.

The result is that the problem system can see the other participants, but not the other way around.


Simply hanging up from the problem system and reconnecting solves the problem.

This happens at least once per ten calls.


The problem system reports sending video in 1280x720 in about 1MBIT towards the bridge, and the Bridge 2200 reports receiving 1MBIT but in a resolution of 0x0 pixels.


The customers network admin is currently trying to figure out if there might be any proxy involved, but it does not seem like it.


All ICON's are updated to firmware 2.4.


Any feedback of your experience in this matter appreciated :-)