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getting multipoint license info

Question asked by marchenko Partner on Apr 25, 2015

Hi all.


I recently made a thread about a problem with Icon control by HTTP API.

cant control icon 600 through http api 

Now I get similar problem with API UVC Multipoint.

For some purpose I want to get license info from Multipoint server. As it described in "/uvcmcu/docs/native/License.html#getLicenseEnumerator" JSON request should be

{"call":"License_getLicenseEnumerator","params":["feature_resolution_1080p"]} or
{"call":"License_getLicenseEnumerator","params":[]} or

Reference says that I have to get positive answer as a handle but I always get only _rv=-1.


It isn't depend on kind of request technique: terminal curl, php script etc. I wrote it right: another request {"call":"SysInfo_getInfoEnumerator"} returns some data.


What do I do wrong?