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icon600 mute on 2nd gen phone

Question asked by ben on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by ben

customer want to know, can icon600 mute on 2nd gen phone mic ONLY when line-in is connected with wireless mic, and that will not mute when press the mute.

we had tried that the far-end will mute both the mic and whatever from the line-in, but the 2nd gen phone speaker will still playing out the  line-in at the near end.

customer said the admin guide listed the icon800 can make a separated mute on mic ONLY, is that true?

we don't have a icon800 to test the scenario.


what i found from the API command, there is a setmutemode.

but i cannot do or get a result from it.

will it help at this case?


Audio setMuteMode mode:string

  Glacier only: Set mute mode.


      mode - "mic": mute only microphone(s), or "all": mute all inputs


      _rv - Return status



how should the command input?

i tried many combination but got error -18 or -20, what is that meant?

i can't find the meaning of them.


is there anyway to mute the mic ONLY but not the line-in?