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Video Calling Ports (ClearSea) vs Flex Ports (Multipoint)

Question asked by ivan.sobota Expert on May 15, 2015
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Could you please explain me what is the difference between Video Calling Ports in ClearSea and  Flex Ports in UVC Multipoint?

Here is example from price the list:

Lifesize UVC ClearSea and Multipoint VM Activation Bundle - 10 video calling ports UVC Clearsea and 10 flex ports UVC Multipoint


For what we can use video calling port and for what flex port?

Is that correct that 10 video calling ports (Clearsea) can be used for 5 point-to-point calls,  and 10 flex ports (Multipoint) for 1 multipoint call with 10 HD participants?


Thank you in advance!


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