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30 hz Camera and exposure

Question asked by bdinnerv Partner on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by dmorrison

Hi All,


After trying to share the day one of the vivd festival in Sydney the other day we quickly discovered the limits of the Camera 10x and its exposure abilities.


Whilst to the eye the light show was very bright, the camera really struggled to capture the show. I tried increase the brightness, change the metering etc all to no avail.


One thing I did not change as the system was in a call and I did not want to drop it was the resolution / frame rate. The system was running at 720p60 however I am wondering if running the system at a p30 setting will improve exposure? My theory is that my running at 30fps rather than 60fps you could possibly double the exposure time - is my thinking here valid or are there other limiters here that mean the exposure is a finite thing independent of frame rate?


With exposure being a combination of available light, aperture and duration and 2 of those factors being either out of our control in this scenario (available light) or already maxxed out (aperture) I am hoping there is some way I can tweak the duration part of the equation to better display the light show - any ideas?