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LifeSize Icon 600 Dual Display Bug

Question asked by robert Partner on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by kerrygreenstreet

Dear all,


We have been installing multiple LifeSize Icon 600's lately and seemed to have discovered a weird bug when the system has dual displays.


If you connect both displays (HDMI + DVI on codec) to the HDMI1 port of both displays, the second display does not show any image at all.

It seems to receive a signal, as the second display does go into standby, but does not show any image whatsoever.


However, if you connect the second display on the HDMI2 port (of the display) you instantly have an image on the display.


At first we thought that the display(s) might be defective, but switching to another HDMI port seems to solve the problem.


Best regards,

Robert van der Beek