Resolved: LifeSize Cloud Web Server (service disruption)

Discussion created by mmwaseem Partner on May 31, 2015
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There are some web services seems to be unavailable and no scheduled update activity as such informed.


Unable to login on LifeSize portal, the error message is "Unable to sign in, try again".


Secondly guest link which opens up a webpage for calling options is producing a error. "We apologize for the inconvenience, but we were unable to place the call due to invalid data. Click the link in the invitation you received and try the call again."


Lastly on to download app will redirecting to login page, guests don't have access to download to app.

Just jotting down these notes here so anyone from ASIA/EU/US team can pickup this issue and work on it.


Edit: Cloud calls and directory listing are just fine. Symptoms seems to indicate (JSAngular/Scripting library related issue) at web server level.