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cable length between networker and endpoint

Question asked by ben on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by mmoszynski

what is maximum cable length between networker (port) and endpoint can be?

can the networker port connect to a switch to extend the lan cable length within 100m?

or it will damage the network equipment(s)?


as in the networker release notes v3.1.3

"Remotely locating LifeSize Networker connected to a LifeSize video communications system. If you wish to install LifeSize Networker by connecting it to the Networker port on a LifeSize video communications system and your conference room has two network ports, you can locate LifeSize Networker in a separate room. Use one of the conference room ports to connect LifeSize Networker to the Networker port of the LifeSize system and the other conference room port to connect the LifeSize system to your network. This may be useful, for example, when ISDN lines cannot be placed in the conference room."


i am not sure it is a direct patch or can through a switch.

is the cable between networker and ISDN cable limited to 3M or else?


what if i got more than 1 endpoints and wanted to use a single networker, not "dail peer which would split the total bandwidth for a single call.

can i input the IP of the networker into the 2, or 3 endpoints but without patching the cable to connect the network,

only plug in the cable and  connect the networker  to the specified endpoint when it needs to make the ISND call?


will it be possible?

does the networker able to synchronize the difference endpoint whenever needed?