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What is the easiest transparent way for external participants to join.

Question asked by thgadmin on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by michaelt

We have just deployed the cloud solution and I am getting rather frustrated with the hassles we are experiencing. I was told up from what ports that we would need to open on our network which have been done, but.. There is no way we can impose these requirements on all of our external attendees.


1. The manual install if the attendee chooses this, is not intuitive. By this I mean if they choose to install the client as offered by the link they receive, they still have to open the program and enter a dial string or close the web page and click on the link again. I had to create a long 9 step document to walk them through the process. Then If they do get through the install, the app is set by default to launch automatically when they log in. Not very friendly if you ask me.

2.. I have IE 10 and I can not get the plugin to recognize that it is installed. (Will work with support but on my machine but.. Am I to expect this from all external attendees? )

3. I finally got Chrome to work but one of the ports required (TCP 400) is blocked by Checkpoint Firewall. Do a quick Google on TCP 4000 and see the joys that brings the IT Security admins.


I really want to like the system but its been a tough start. I will say it is much better than the on premise solution. Does any one have any good suggestions on how to make this experience easy and reliable?