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Regular restarts required on various Icons

Question asked by emily.shimell Partner on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by pete.shora

Hi All,


Our team is coming up against a situation on a regular basis whereby Icon systems have varying issues - unresponsive systems, no camera images, loss of touch phone usage etc - however are not reporting these through support tickets as the problem is "solved" by restarting/rebooting the system.


I have noticed on a number of threads that other partners are coming across similar issues, and a restart of the system is recommended, which does seem to solve the problem, however we are coming across this with a number of customers, and recognise that although the restart helps at that moment in time, it is really just postponing the problem to another date.


Some of our most important customers are coming to us on a regular basis to let us know that "yet again, I've had to reboot one of our systems", and this is not related to one or two of a large pool, this is seemingly having to be done to most of the Icons, even those on the latest firmware. Today, a customer has told us that "the units don't feel particularly robust", and that this is the 4th time this month he has rebooted an Icon.


We've raised this situation in the past, though not on the Community, and i'm aware that other partners may not be reporting this issue due to the "restart fix" but with large customers now recognising this recurring situation, I feel we need to get to the bottom of this asap.


I wonder if this occurrence is already noted by Lifesize? Are other partners/customers seeing this situation occurring too?


We look forward to discussing this further,


Best wishes,


Emily & the VideoCentric team.