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possible to add external contacts into Clearsea (v4.x)?

Question asked by ewagner on Jul 29, 2015

I am working on a strategy to transition from on-prem UVC Clearsea to LS Cloud.  In the LS Cloud admin>directory page, you can add "Group Contacts".  I've added the contacts that will direct calls into our UVC Clearsea environment.  Making Cloud users/endpoints able to reach UVC users/endpoints through the Cloud directory.


Now I need the other way to work also...  My endpoints (both Icon600's and Express220's) are SIP registered with UVC Clearsea (Communications > SIP > SIP Server Type = Lifesize Clearsea).  From what I can tell, the Directory information is coming straight from Clearsea in this scenario.


Question:  How can I add Lifesize Cloud contacts to UVC Clearsea making them available in the Directory on the Clearsea registered endpoints?