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Lifesize Cloud Premium upgrade to Lifesize Cloud Enterprise

Question asked by Partner on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by mhelmbrecht

Would a customer be able to upgrade from Lifesize Cloud Premium to Lifesize Enterprise.  For example:


Let's say a customer purchase Cloud Premium 50 for 1 year.  In month 5 they want to upgrade to Enterprise to video enable their complete workforce and upgrade to for example Cloud Enterprise 250.  Is this possible, and if so, how does it work as the price for Cloud Premium 50 and Cloud Enterprise 250 is the same (as an example).


The reason I ask is because some customers don't want to video enable their whole workforce from the start as they first want to check that the service works and that their network can accommodate the traffic.  So the perception of going with Cloud Enterprise 250 from the start (even though at the same price as Cloud Premium 50) creates a negative connotation to the service as they feel they are forced to go with a big bang approach instead of starting small and growing.  In addition, to upgrade from Premium 50 to Premium 250 is not financially viable compared to Enterprise 250 (although it would be great for us and Lifesize if they do), but with all the information available on the internet, I very much doubt that a customer would do so.


Perhaps it would be a good idea for Lifesize to provide an upgrade process / rules for Cloud upgrades between subcription levels i.e.  Premium to Enteprise etc.