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New Chrome WebRTC Browser

Question asked by mattcslack Partner on Aug 7, 2015

The webRTC browser beta is rockin! Thanks Lifesize.

I noticed that the volume control is too challenging to dig up but otherwise is really, really good. Should consider adding it to the mute ctrl menu or making it always visible.

Additionally, on desktop calls I prefer to reduce my app/browswer window so I can put the far side up close to my top-of-monitor mounted camera, so I look like I'm paying attention to the camera/viewer and not staring off in the distance at the center of the screen. To help with this, the in-browser video window scaling could be better so it can be reduced to a smaller size than the browser beta currently allows.


Has anybody else used it, and what do you think?


UPDATE: my perspective was that as a participant. Far sites are reporting video and audio issues from my end which is a really powerful workstation I use cloud app on daily. Also, if you want to access volume controls in the browswer, right-click for context menu and select show controls.