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Lifesize Icon 800 - Dual cameras and flickering

Question asked by jonlin Partner on Aug 12, 2015
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Have installed a ICON 800.



3 monitors

2 cameras

Ceiling microphones (mixer)

Lifesize mic/touch as controller.


When I connected the cameras they both had a flicker. This was solved by changing the Hz in the settings of the codec. The problem is that only the first camera (main camera) took the setting. There were no place for me to choose to apply the setting for both cameras, only ON/OFF.

Is this design or am i missing something?


The main camera is connected in the back of the room with a HDMI signal extender in the middle (no issues).

Camera two goes directly with DVI-HDMI (Kramer pro cable). (Has the flickering).


I am going out to the site again to check this up, but would be good knowing of this can be changed.


/ Jonas