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Voice calls treated as video when 3rd person joins

Question asked by garybews on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by garybews

When I use my Icon 600 for a voice conference call the sound originates from the table speaker for the first participant, when the second participant joins and for all subsequent participants the sound moves to the TV.

The first time this happened I thought there was a problem with the system. It was only by chance that I turned on the TV and noticed that all my participants were in the conference and could hear me.

Would it not make more sense to keep voice conference calls on the speaker, negating having to turn on the TV for a quick conference call.

People in my office became so fed up with this that they have reverted back to the standard Mitel or Polycom phones - I would prefer to remove these and use Lifesize for all meeting requirements.

What are your views?