Lifesize Cloud Adoption Strategies

Discussion created by tlindsey Administrator on Aug 20, 2015
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We’ve seen Cloud admins take quite a few different approaches getting their end users up and running on Lifesize Cloud. We make it easy to get the app on your Laptops, Phones, Tablets, etc. but as with any new technology sometimes it can be a struggle to get the end users leveraging new technology in their day to day. A few strategies we’ve seen have success include:


- Getting end users signed up for free training through Lifesize University

- Replacing conference bridges for existing meetings with Cloud Virtual Meeting Rooms

- Hosting lunch and learn events to show off features and tools End Users can leverage

- Hovering menacingly around end user’s desks in the morning until they launch the Cloud app

- Emitting a mild shock to end users that are still using other less effective solutions in their day to day via a wire that was discretely rigged up to their desk chair the night before


There are no right or wrong ways to get users up and running on Cloud, so what methods have you been using with success? What methods have you found to be less successful? Let us know!