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Problems to dial in to a Cisco bridge

Question asked by kevin.lahr Partner on Sep 3, 2015
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we sometimes experience problems with dialing in to a Cisco bridge with our LifeSize Express endpoints.

Often, it just works, we dial the number and reach the welcome screen (see photo attached).

Hitting the camera button of the remote control selects the far end screen and we can enter the meeting PIN followed by the # sign and enter the room.


But sometimes, the connection works, the camera symbol moves to the far end screen but we cannot enter any digits instead there is a strange background noise.


Well I know I could do some more troubleshooting but nothing has changed on our side at all (so for example in all two cases entering dial tones is enabled and so on).

I just wonder about the background noise in the case where it does not work, because there is no background noise in case of the proper functioning times.


Has anybody ever experienced anything similar like this?


Thanks and best regards