Presentation problems with laptop with Mini-HDMI on ICON

Discussion created by mkluge Partner on Sep 8, 2015

Hi all,


we have encountered a problem when using Dell Latitude E6330 (with Mini-HDMI port) -> Lindy Mini-HDMI-Adapter -> 5m HDMI cable -> HDMI-DVI-Adapter -> Icon 600.

Icon does not recognize any presentation input.

Same problem when replacing the Lindy HDMI adapter with a Dell adapter.

Also tried with Icon 400 and HDMI cable + Mini-HDMI adapter, same problem.


But there is no problem with Dell Latitude E6430 (very similar model, same graphics card, but Full-Size-HDMI port and therefore we don't need the Mini-HDMI adapter).

Also tried Dell Tablet with Micro-HDMI adapter, no problem.


We also have no problems when using the original combination (Latitude E6330 with Mini-HDMI adapter) on the TV screen directly, on several projectors and even on Room 220.


To get Latitude E6330 working with the Icon, we found out two possible solutions:

1. use docking station and DVI-HDMI adapter on docking station

2. use VGA port and VGA-to-DVI cable on Icon (Lindy VGA-to-HDMI converter also works fine but needs additional power)



I think it is a very rare problem, occurring only in these combination (Mini-HDMI output of Latitude E6330 and Icon 600/400).


Has anybody encountered a similar problem? Probably tested with other Mini-HDMI devices?

Or any idea how this could be fixed? Probably a bug in Icon firmware?



Thanks and best regards