VideoCenter: Presentation stream needs to support greater than 5FPS

Discussion created by richdwa Partner on Sep 22, 2015

We have noticed lately, based on support calls from our clients who use VideoCenter, that if you have more than one "video" source recording to VideoCenter that the primary stream is fine (30fps) but the secondary stream is around 5fps.


Now, in most cases this is not a problem when that second stream is a PowerPoint, or a word document (and it often is). Where the problem appears is when you have an Icon 800 with multiple cameras and you are streaming output from two of them and recording it at the same time (which a few of our clients actually do in classrooms). At first we were puzzled as we had done calls with the multiple cameras and it was just fine (we did set presentation bandwidth to 50/50 first of course) and we have 2 streams at 720p/30fps. Unless you send it to VideoCenter, and then the recording is only 720p/30 and 720p/5fps.


I would like to see this changed in VideoCenter, but not sure it is even possible. Anyone else run into this?