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what is the current status for https tunneling for ALL(!) cloud clients?

Question asked by Expert on Sep 24, 2015
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I get asked for this by many customers these days!

Https tunneling for Icon EPs is someting that has been "promised" already one year ago. Still I have not heard of any progress.

Same for WebRTC clients - especially here I think it is an absolute must...


Lifesize from my perspective has to be aware that many customers today compare Cloud - because of the shift you did to Cloud-  with other products than before.

As much as I'm aware of the fact that products like gotomeeting/webex/lync/bridge it/adobe connect are someting else than what Cloudis, they all share a "no barrier usage".


By the way: the most similar product with Lifesize Cloud in the market -Starleaf - does offer complete tunneled siganling and media since a long time.


I would really appreciate to see progress here.

Thanks for a feedback on this.