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Can whomever made the remote control for the Icon series be fired, please?

Question asked by strumleroy on Oct 5, 2015
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This piece of plastic is practically worthless - I know its cute and reminds you of a Apple TV remote - but for real day to day videoconferencing needs - where one has better things to do than click on 4 icons to just ZOOM the freaking camera in and out - this remote fails big time.  I see there is a 'remote 2.0' already out with at least the Zoom button but to add insult to injury this Only works with the Flex systems?
We had a big choice to make at our facilities to either go Cisco or go Lifesize - and I fought for Lifesize because one main reason was they had Easy to use remote controls for the tech challenged end user - especially with the color coded buttons and 'cheat sheet' on screen.  It seems lifesize has totally abandoned that ease of use remote with this minimalist **** remote for the Icon series - I mean really - all I want to do is maybe change view or zoom in/out - would it have been that hard to add those buttons - or Heaven Forbid the ability to Easily disconnect a call - on the remote? I def understand getting rid of the numberpad that took up a lot of space - but its Very bad when I have to scramble through all the on screen menus to just hang up a call. 

I really Really really hate this remote and I think whomever designed it and especially whomever Approved it should be let go.  Please come out with Remote 3.0 that (crazy as this seems) actually works with the Icon series, and (heaven forbid) includes a couple Extremely useful buttons like 'hang up', change view, zoom/in/out - that's all please!