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New User experience - corporate environment.....Technical help required

Question asked by tonyjoyce on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2015 by Michael Green

Hi Lifesize,


Quick introduction: I'm a tech working for a housing firm in the UK and your software has landed on my lap this morning.

Scenario: A senior manager in our business has been sent a link from another housing firm to join their "Lifesize Video Conference" this morning.  Of course, this doesn't work as we're sitting behind a corporate firewall and so now I have to resolve this....So I setup a few scenarios.

1) Running on a Surface Pro (corporate) tablet with IE as the browser - doesn't seem to be supported. Can't run the cloud webapp (unsupported) from  (Also can't PASTE stuff into this blog/discussion window!).

2) Running on a personal Windows 10 laptop behind an open corporate firewall - runs with Chrome (not IE) but when we try and call a number it states: "The call has failed - unable to load the server configuration". Any searches for this error return nothing.

3) Running from an app on a Nokia Microsoft Lumia phone - the app store cannot even find the lifesize app....

4) I expect if I go home and just run this on a personal machine from a residential property and open network/wireless, this will just work.


Our organisation does use Video Conferencing extensively but we do not use lifesize hardware - so for the time being we have directed the manager to use a simple telephone to call the number required so the meeting can go ahead....


So my questions:

I suspect we may have to "whitelist" this software to work in our corporate environment and add in tcp/udp details to our own servers, but any documentation I have tried to find on your site is quite sparse....Where is the documentation to allow the software

to work in a corporate environment (full list of udp/tcp ports to block/unblock etc)


On searching for your site and support etc, it's not plainly clear that I'm actually on the right site!  Your corporate logos etc don't seem standardised - the app looks different to the web links etc...

It's difficult to find support for your product and to search for errors etc - feels natural to use a forum community - this one seems very difficult to navigate.

I also registered usernames and password via the web chrome interface using the app, but when I try and login on the web side - I don't exist....have had to return to the main site to recreate usernames and passwords.


Ok, thanks for listening....will try and keep an eye on this discussion for answers....