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Clearsea Call records

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by jwinterbottom

Hi All,


Does anyone know if call records can be increased beyond the last 25 calls on the new 3.0 version of clearsea?  I find it pretty strange that there is an option to expand the list up to 100 records but the list doesn't expand past 25.  I have some accounts that have made upwards of 100 calls on our pre-3.0 instance but I can only record the last 25 calls made.  This makes tracking usage all the more difficult especially since Manager does not play nice with Clearsea.  I hope my pain is being expressed well in this post, the inability to track clearsea calls properly makes justification to increase capacity or move to cloud extremely difficult.   Unless someone out there has an easier way to compile call stats on a yearly/monthly basis, the only semi effective method for me has been to go into each account and copy call records into a spreadsheet; a complete waste of my time but really the only way for me to provide yearly stats for my directors and CIO.  Having just recently installed a new UVC hardware bundle, its too early for me to tell if call records can be expanded beyond 25 calls.  The lack of development of Manager is a bit mind boggling to me.