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Cannot Register the Icon 600 using the Clearsea account

Question asked by lvallega Expert on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by nrajurkar

Hi All,


I'm having a problem in registering the Icon 600 end point in the UVC Clearsea Server.

Inside the Icon 600 I navigate the Preference>Lifesize UVC ClearSea, and put all the necessary information of the Clearsea user account likewise the IP address of the UVC Clearsea Server, however, it failed to register the account. However, I tried to register the end point using the H.323 and put all the necessary fields, Clearsea user account and IP address and it worked.


The problem is, I can't find all the directory from the clearsea in the Icon 600 menu or directory list. At the same time I cannot perform auto update of the Firmware from the UVC Server to Icon 600.

Is there anyway that I need to do some additional configurations on Clearsea and Icon 600 end point?