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"meeting" feature in ClearSea / external devices

Question asked by Partner on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by michaelt

Hi all,


I have the following setup.


ClearSea - Dual Int / Static NAT

Multipoint - single int / LAN only

Both on same VM


I am trying to get a reliable way to hand off calls between CSS and MP. Previously I would either setup a user in CSS and make a registered device against that user to forward any calls to a specific VMR, or just setup a call forwarding rule against a prefix in the CSS call routing rules. For some reason this isn't working... but more on that later.


Now ClearSea has the new Meeting feature and I want to be able to use that, but I am not having much luck with external devices. The call comes in, gets escalated to the bridge... then it just kinda sits there. I can see the call present on MP but it doesn't get picked up by MP. I know there is a feature in the Meeting setup in CSS where you select "start without CSS user" and this is all correct.


So I have 2 main questions:

- Is there any reason why the typical redirects aren't working that you guys can think of?

- Is there something that I am missing with the Meeting room feature? I really need this to work with external devices.


Thanks in advance.