Windows App Deployment Options and Command Line Switches

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I hope this is the right place to post this. I was trying to make a blog post but I guess only Lifesize people can do that which makes sense.


I was looking for deployment options / Command line switches for the Lifesize client software and couldn't see them on the site so I thought I would post them.


by running the downloaded installer with /? I got all the options that I could see. See attached Image.


setupfile.exe /install | /repair | /uninstall | /layout - installs, repairs, uninstalls or creates a complete local copy of the bundle in the directory. Install is the default

setupfile.exe /passive | /quiet - displays a minimal UI with no prompts or displays no UI and no prompts. By default UI and all prompts are displayed.

setupfile.exe /norestart - suppresses any attempts to restart. By default the UI will prompt before restart

setupfile.exe /log log.txt - logs to a specific file. By default a log file is created in %TEMP%


From my testing, if you try to installed an older version over the top of a newer install without uninstalling, it doesn't even start. Which is normal behaviour.


Hope this helps someone.