A few new Cloud features

Discussion created by kpinkham Employee on Nov 13, 2015

Check out these recently added features.


Lifesize Cloud


What's new

November 6, 2015 Update
New bandwidth settings for enhanced video and presentations

The default bandwidth for calls placed with Cloud desktop apps has been increased from 1152 kb/s to 1328 kb/s. In addition, the bandwidth allocation between video and presentation on two-way calls is now 50/50, allowing for premium rendering of presentations while maintaining high quality video.

More control over participants for moderators, lecturers, and meeting owners

Enhanced controls allow moderators, lecturers, and meeting owners to remove participants instantly and silently from any meeting. Learn more.

Direct calling to Cloud users and Icons using Skype for Business

Users of Skype for Business, previously called Microsoft Lync, now have the ability to call direct to Cloud users and Icons.

Support for additional callers

Lifesize Cloud now supports up to 50 meeting participants. To learn more about the features available with your subscription plan, contact your Lifesize representative.


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