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icon 600 with single display question

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Nov 17, 2015

Hi All,


Is there a way to revert the default recording layout on a single display icon 600?  I'm referring to the "in room" display, not the layout that viewers see.  When sharing content, the PC image is always the larger portion of the screen.  I don't have a second gen phone hooked up to the unit and I don't see any options to change the layout using the remote.  I'm using the display as a confidence monitor to adjust the camera but the PIP window is so small, I need to stand directly in front of the monitor to do so.  I've reviewed all of the basic settings that I can think of but it seems like the default view is small video, large content.  I'm know there are layout options when in a video call but there doesn't appear to be any options while recording.  Here's what i did so far:


-Switched display settings on the icon from single display to default, the other options appear to be for dual display setups.

-Changed the mobile stream layout on the recording key to side by side (shouldn't effect the display layout but I tried it anyways)

     there really should be an option to change the default layout for non-mobile viewers as well, i get complaints all the time that the video is      too small because nobody realizes there is an option to toggle between different layouts.


Is there something obvious that I'm missing?