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Video Centre Streaming stats

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Nov 25, 2015

Hi All,


Has anyone noticed that that streaming bandwidth does not appear to change when viewers toggle between different streaming quality settings in video centre?  I created a case for this a while back which didn't really go anywhere.  I've done some testing myself and noticed that the viewer bitrates do not change even if someone switches to audio only.  I'm currently watching a video in audio only mode and monitoring the viewer stats and I appear to be connected at over 1164kb/s which is really unnecessary.  I have also noticed that the default recording bit rate doesn't actually appear to be the default bitrate, If I set up a default bit rate at 384k and a mobile bitrate of 768k, it always defaults to the highest available bit rate.  This is a bit concerning for us when we hold large events with hundreds of live streaming viewers.  We generally prefer if the live streaming quality is at a lower bitrate but prefer to have a higher quality recorded version that can be watched later.  When we hold large events that are live streamed, I have no choice but to set the bit rate low in fear that viewers will default over to the secondary higher quality bit rate.  We have looked at stats in the past and have noticed that users connections that appear to do a lot of buffering are streaming at the highest available it rate as well and never bump down to the low bit rate stream.