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LifeSize Cloud Licensing detail.

Question asked by Partner on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by tlindsey

what is the actual no of users can join if a user have 10 user license. as per below table means using the 10 user license each registered user can make a con call to 25 users either guest or registered one.

secondly 10 additional virtual rooms can be created and these room can dial 25 users separately. so this means 10 registered users 10 meeting virtual rooms = 20x25=500 will work simultaneously.



10 user pack = 10 registered users

Each user can make 25 way call = 10X25 =250  MCU  ports

10 virtual Meeting Rooms  =10X25 = 250 mcu ports

Total 500  mcu ports.

Max mcu Room size = 25





Talha Chishti