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Dial plan on Lifesize phone ?

Question asked by Partner on Nov 29, 2015
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Does anyone know if there is a dialplan internally on the Lifesize phone itself ?

We've got a site who has a Phone version2 installed with Icon600 cloud, the phone is registered as an extension off the local PBX via SIP, all good.

The problem found is that when dialing out externally some numbers take ~60sec to get ringback tone.

Most numbers connect straight away no problems iE you get ringback immediately.

But for some I dial 0, prefix for outbound external calls, then the local number, wait for about 60sec until ringback tone are provided and then it connects as normal.....???

Using a third party SIP softphone on that same extension works fine for all numbers.

If I login to Call Manager in the Icon, make voice call it also works a treat.

It seems to only be an issue when using the Lifesize Phone.

Normally a SIP device has an internal dial plan but I can't find anything from the Phone interface ?

Is there a SSH interface on the Lifesize phone that controls this or ?