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Icon 600: Putting second display to sleep.

Question asked by Expert on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by jdueltgen


I having issues with putting a Sony FWL-48W705C to sleep when connectiong it to the DVI output on an Icon 600. CEC is only supported over HDMI (output 1 on Icon 600).

The Sony Display is not supporting DPMS/Vesa power management on HDMI inputs VGA input. But it does trigger on the +5V signal that is coming from pin 14 on a DVI connector. So if I am pulling out the cord from the display it goes to sleep and it wakes up when the cord is connected again. My conclusion is that it seems like the Icon is sending +5V on the DVI connector even when the Icon goes to sleep.


Is there a way to completely turn off all signals on the DVI output when the Icon goes to sleep? I.e is there a way to toggle the +5V on pin 14 on the DVI connector when it goes to and wakes up from sleep mode?