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H.323 Disabled- UVC Multipoint

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by jwinterbottom

Hi All,


I just got a report that users trying to connected in a 3 way call were getting an "unavailable resources" error.  I found this odd since there were no calls scheduled that I was aware of.  After poking around our Multipoint server, I noticed all of our VMR's were lit up blue instead of green and when I hovered over any of them I got a message saying "server disabled".  Somehow H.323 had been turned off.  I don't spend much time in Multipoint so I wouldn't have shut it off and the last multiway call that I was aware of worked fine a little over a week ago.  Has anyone encountered this same issue?  I'm running the latest firmware available.