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lifesize video meetings

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Jan 6, 2016
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Hi all,


is there a setting somewhere that defaults LifeSize video meetings to always allow meetings to be initiated by non CSS accounts.  It seems to me that when a meeting is created in lifesize video, it defaults to "configured in group".  Is there any way to change that or make it an option when users create VMR's.  I'm just thinking about clients that connect with 3rd party endpoints.  Unless they tell me their plans to connect with someone outside our organization, these 3rd party endpoints will just sit in limbo waiting for a clearsea user to connect and eventually terminate if they don't connect within a certain period of time.  I would prefer to let anyone initiate the meeting and I realize that this can be done after the meeting room has been created but I would like it to default straight to allow anyone to start the meeting.  I thought this could be done on the group level but I just set my group to allow non clearsea users the ability to start meetings but any new meetings are defaulting to "configured in group" still.