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Mini Caller View- LifeSize Video

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Jan 14, 2016

Hi All,


I'm wondering how others are navigating the mini caller view on LifeSize Video in terms of it not showing up when people share slides?  Maybe its just people not following my instructions but based on what clients have told me when they share individual applications instead of their whole desktop, the mini caller window is still visible while presenting.  I actually just tried this myself and dragged the mini caller window over the application I'm sharing and it shows in the far end video.  Could this be because I started sharing my entire desktop and then switched to a specific application?  This is problematic especially for recording to video centre when you only want far end video recorded.  I just stopped someone mid recording to let them know that they are covering up their slides in the recording because they have the mini caller view of our near end video covering 75% of their screen.  In this particular scenario, the class was running the slides independently and would never had been aware that the mini caller view was covering the slides, it looked fine on our end because the projector was not tied into our icon 600.