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Some questions about UVC videocenter

Question asked by tomokiohshita Expert on Jan 27, 2016
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Our customer is using UVC videocenter. They observe "buffering" message on the PC which replay the video and stopping video for a long
Customer think this is because of a kind of network issue, however they are attempting for better situation.

During this, they have following questions. Could someone kindly reply for those?


1. How many users can be made in UVC platform?

2. Is there any way to inhibit multiple logging in with same ID at the same time?

3. Is there any way to find client PC's "buffering" state from remote? like SNMP?

4. Is there any improvement for "buffering" appearance? If yes, how did you do that? (Like increasing network speed, or QoS or making
multicast environment, etc.)