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External connection problem ClearSea

Question asked by wernerts on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by wernerts

Hello everyone we are the problem below would help to resolve,
After an alteration of the firewall in our company had the problem below
Would that help me with problems with external connections ClearSea. To make or receive a call is in just ringing even drop the service being automatic in the rooms.
The platform activate both eth0 and one on eth0 is my LAN range with the IP (ClearSea) (Access) and (Manager) on eth1 have an IP range of the DMZ my gw standard pointed to and the platform put the ip nat to 186 237 199 203, then the ClearSea was as internal IP WAN
To be a communication created the destination route to but gw that and my gw LAN range.
I wonder if the configuration is correct, I analyzed the log before this alteration in my external calls came in caller-ID wernerts@ now comes wernerts@ team left all networks released beyond the rules and everything that comes from 186 237 199 203 directs to DMZ
The strange that some time could have audio and video return the call but only lasted 1 minute and soon after fell and the user registry also falls in ClearSea
I would like to help me in the best setting for internal and external work, currently is working only internal


One doubts that we have to logarmos off the external network to make a call on the monitor calls the caller -id should always get @ What is my IP public ?